product at the Audio Developers Conference 2020
Jayson DeLancey was proud to be a sponsor of the annual Audio Developer Conference 2020. This year saw a global audience join the event for 2 days of creative audio projects and deeply technical talks.

Tech Talks

The conference let the community vote on the speaker submissions, so the conference overall is a good gauge of the sort of topics of interest within this audio development community. Some of the more popular topics covered included:

  • testing strategies
  • embedded audio applications
  • integrating music into games
  • language tips for C++ and Rust
  • licensing
  • digital audio workstations
  • spatial audio

The schedule posted on the conference website includes a full breakdown of all the speakers and abstracts. At a Glance

As a sponsor we were able to share our new video ahead of the keynotes. Take a look if you are looking to learn more about what is all about, it is up on our Youtube channel:

Engaging Communication Experiences

Virtual events can feel impersonal with conventional video conferencing tools. Much like how the Interactivity APIs allow any developer to create custom audio/video communications-enabled applications, ADC this year chose to use a platform that was branded as a virtual world to feel like you were at a live-event with audio and video chat integrated directly in the web browser.

Having the right communications tools makes a big difference in feeling connected with smaller groups in a break-out table or with a conference sponsor like those who dropped into our booth during the event.

Expo Hall at Demuxed

Talk Videos

Getting to speak and learn with the community was the best part of an event like this, but to catch up on any talks you missed or wish you could have attended to check out are being released on the ADC 2020 – All Talks playlist.

See You Next Year

We’re looking forward to learning and sharing more again next year.

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