product Supports InputHealth’s 600% Increase in Usage During Covid-19
Stephane Giraudie

Vancouver-based telehealth solutions provider InputHealth, offers solutions to easily connect patients and providers online. 

Their online health platform, Collaborative Health Record, re-envisions the medical record as an opportunity for practice, virtualization, and patient engagement. It’s designed to allow providers to streamline documentation, track patient outcomes, and increase accessibility between patients and doctors, with the aim of seamlessly integrating telehealth communication. 

To support their telehealth solution the company originally engaged with Twilio. Later, InputHealth decided to switch to as the platform offered more flexible in-app workflows and an innovative roadmap. stood out, really, from the perspective of giving us the power and the flexibility and the customizability that we needed to embed something intricately into our software suite and really give us that control that we needed.” 

CEO & Co-Founder, InputHealth

In the digital health market, telemedicine and virtual care solutions are growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down. To succeed in this world of virtual medicine, top-quality audio-visual solutions and seamless user experiences are key. InputHealth’s end-to-end solution offers crystal clear telehealth video conferencing and an integrated platform that represents both the patient and provider’s interests. 

Seamless implementation and scalability 

InputHealth developed their virtual care software right before the COVID-19 pandemic, making these systems critical to patient care. The implementation and integration of was quick and seamless, getting their service off the ground by the time demand was highest. 

After one month of integration and another month of quality assurance and quality control testing, InputHealth was able to initiate patient care visits with embedded as their video and audio provider. CEO and co-founder of InputHealth, called the overall implementation process swift and elegant. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, InputHealth saw a 635% increase in utilization of its video functionality.

“I think testimony to the scalability and durability of the platform is the fact that a software company like ours can go through something as tremendous as the COVID-19 pandemic and be able to serve our customers with a fail-safe, secure, and solid solution that did not face any performance degradation.” 

Even with the rapid scaling challenge that COVID-19 posed to the virtual care space, allowed InputHealth to continue serving multi-practitioner clinics and hospitals, and offer the highest level of patient care without any disruptions. 

High quality audio for better patient care 

Ramsey, who is also a family physician, carefully considered audio quality as an important component of virtual care when choosing an audiovisual partner for the integration. 

When providers can’t hear patients explain their symptoms or when patients struggle to understand their providers diagnoses and recommendations, it significantly impacts the quality of patient care. To offer a highly-functioning and impactful virtual care model, InputHealth needed to choose an audiovisual integration with the best audio quality available. takes into account conditions on both the patient’s and provider’s sides of the virtual visit, maximizing communication from end to end. 

“I can tell you as a practicing physician who sees patients through our own technology, which embeds, that high-quality audio in the context of video-based visits is instrumental to having productive conversations with patients and providing the care that they need.” 

Advanced privacy protection 

Another advantage of embedding was the ability to route traffic according to geography while meeting patient privacy standards. 

InputHealth has operations in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. That means the platform needs to meet jurisdictional compliance requirements related to patient data in every one of these regions. As an integrated solution, allows InputHealth to flow traffic exclusively within geographic clusters. 

Supportive team and flexible integration 

While searching the market for a technology solution, InputHealth sought a supportive team and flexible functionality. These factors allowed InputHealth to embed technology in many different delivery formats and develop smoother workflows across the board. 

InputHealth uses’s interactive software development kit (SDK), which easily supports mobile and web formats. also integrates seamlessly with Ruby on Rails, which InputHealth utilizes for its back-end functionality. 

On the switch to Dolby, InputHealth CEO put it this way, “I think one of the main reasons for the shift was recognizing that we had a team we could communicate with. We had a product that was very, very flexible in terms of in-app workflows and communications. Most importantly, we were impressed by the roadmap and this desire to continue innovating, rather than simply just be selling.”

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