MediGuru Develops Telehealth Platform for 400+ Providers with
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“’s features, the roadmap that Dolby provides, and the ease of integration enabled us to customize the solution for our constituents—all without sacrificing quality and at a cost that is beneficial.” 

-Siva Nagalingam, CEO, MediGuru 

MediGuru is a telehealth platform that enables lifelike virtual visits between healthcare providers and patients. AI-driven clinical workflows, EHR system integration, customizable modules, care dashboards, and high-quality video conferencing make MediGuru a smart choice for large and mid-sized healthcare systems. 

Responding to increased demand for telehealth caused by COVID-19, the team at MediGuru began developing a platform that was scalable enough to support hundreds of providers and concurrent telehealth visits. 

Responding to Increased Demand for Telehealth Due to COVID-19

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of MediGuru’s clients—a boutique healthcare company with 30 clinics across 6 states—was using an off-the-shelf web conferencing service for telehealth. The client quickly realized that it needed a more secure solution that integrated with its existing systems and workflows.  

“It was definitely a stop-gap solution, and security was a big concern,” said Kiran Modak, Director Healthcare Practice at MediGuru. “The client decided to collaborate with us to make sure that the experience was part of their workflows and seamless for both their patients and providers.” 

Rapidly developing a secure, integrated, and scalable telehealth solution was no small task—especially in an industry as heavily regulated as healthcare. 

“From a healthcare industry standpoint, the telehealth platform has to be HIPAA compliant,” said Arul Venkatachalam, CTO at MediGuru. “And, security is paramount, especially when we are integrating with other downstream systems.” 

Ease of use was also a key consideration. 

“The primary objective was to make the experience as simple and easy as possible without introducing additional complexities,” said Siva Nagalingam, CEO at MediGuru. 

The client needed a telehealth solution that could work on any web browser without requiring patients to download and install smartphone applications, which meant that the platform would need to be built using WebRTC. 

MediGuru’s developers began exploring audio video solutions to power its teleconferencing platform, but none offered the right mix of functionality and affordability.

“We evaluated a couple of solutions, which we could use to build an MVP,” Nagalingam said. “But it became apparent that the level of customization and performance we could achieve was going to be cost prohibitive for our customers.” 

Developing an Intuitive & Compliant Telehealth Platform 

MediGuru’s development team then discovered 

“When we had the demo with Dolby, we could clearly see that it worked across multiple browsers without us having to do any heavy lifting,” Modak said. 

Interactivity APIs from are HIPAA compliant, which solved the client’s security concerns while enabling high-quality audio video experiences.

“Dolby APIs provided us the ability to isolate the video conference IDs,” Venkatachalam said. “We can clearly control who can join, and we can control how long a particular session can remain open. So, HIPAA compliance was made a lot easier.” 

Integration with EHRs and other healthcare systems was simplified with 

“We wanted to provide a seamless integration of the virtual consultation platform, which required a lot of flexibility in our software modules,” Venkatachalam said. “With the combination of Dolby’s APIs and their UXKit, we were able to customize the setup and turn it around very quickly.” 

In fact, development was accelerated so much that MediGuru began user testing less than eight weeks after discovering

“Building the same solution on our own would have taken two years, as opposed to just two months with” Nagalingam said. 

Scaling to Support 400+ Providers While Ensuring Lifelike Audio and Video Experiences 

Using allows MediGuru to support more than 400 providers performing 300 appointments per week—without sacrificing video or audio quality. 

“To ensure that we could deliver on these metrics, we worked with the Dolby team to test our implementation at scale, and that came through with flying colors,” Modak said. “So, we’re able to seamlessly provide the service across multiple, concurrent appointments.” 

Delivering a scalable telehealth solution aligns MediGuru’s product offering with the goals of its clients and positions the company for future success. 

“Our clients are very focused on making sure they’re able to provide positive patient outcomes, and we were able to deliver on that,” Modak said. 

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