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Founded in 2012, Physitrack is a UK-based solution provider for clinical home exercise and education prescription, outcomes tracking, and telehealth for physical therapy and reinjury prevention. Today, it is the global standard in patient engagement and patient outcome tracking used by more than three million patients annually in over 100 countries around the world. 

Adapting to a growing market

The company initially offered its Physitrack Telehealth product as an enterprise-only virtual care solution designed with and for private insurance call centers in the UK. It included a proprietary overlay of features and patient onboarding specific to remote physical therapy treatment, which was built on top of a video calling SDK for the product’s web, iOS, and Android video chat apps. 

“We need a different video SDK solution for Physitrack Telehealth that was more flexible, stable, and higher quality than our current provider could offer.”

Henrik Molin – Physitrack’s Cofounder & CEO

According to Physitrack’s cofounder & CEO, Henrik Molin, “As the use of telehealth consultation became a global phenomenon and was being prioritized among care providers, we needed a different video SDK solution for Physitrack Telehealth that was more flexible, stable, and higher quality than our current provider could offer.” Most importantly, he says, given their complex proprietary screen share overlays, they needed a new video chat API vendor who operated in the same time zone and could provide closer interaction with its development and management teams. 

The Dolby difference was clear

“’s superior call quality with HD video and sound, as well as a robust and scalable solution had the flexibility we were looking for.”

They chose to use the Interactivity API set within for several reasons. Henrik says, “On the technical side, we were excited about’s superior call quality with HD video and sound, as well as a robust and scalable solution that had the flexibility we were looking for.” He admits what got them the most excited, however, was access to’s engineers in both Europe and the US. “Dolby really stood out in the way they went all-in on the real-time relationship with us, both tactically alongside their engineers and strategically with top management,” says Henrik.  

Although Physitrack had the capacity to build their own calling technology, they fully realized the resources and time it would have taken to catch up to Dolby’s 14 years of advanced engineering focused solely on calling technology would have been impossible. They turned to the Interactivity APIs and the implementation itself took just three months from initial contact to full rollout. scales with increasing vital usage

100k appointments, 5 million minutes

Not long into the Covid-19 pandemic, Physitrack Telehealth became the go-to provider of physical therapy telemedicine for practitioners around the world. In the space of a few weeks, call traffic rose from a few hundred telehealth appointments per week to close to 100,000, with almost five million call-minutes per day. This put immense pressure on the combined engineering teams of Physitrack and Henrik is convinced that if they didn’t have such a close relationship with the engineers, they would have failed at delivering Telehealth to their customers. “The engineering pressure from scaling up to accommodate such increased live video call volume would have been untenable for any other vendor,” he says.  

Despite the pandemic, the relationship to date has allowed them to significantly accelerate the pace at which new innovations can be rolled into their videoconferencing overlay, as well as how fast they can introduce new virtual care software enhancements and remedy problems.  

When asked about working with, Henrik says, “The team is unique for an SDK API provider. They are extremely nimble and resourceful in adapting to your needs. No other SDK API provider in the market has the competence or capability to do this. It’s 100% unique to Dolby.” 

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