The VTConferenceParameters model contains information about the PIN code of the conference and allows the application to:



liveRecording: Bool

Records the conference in live.

Returns: Bool


rtcpMode: String?

The bitrate adaptation mode for the video transmission. The rtcpMode triggers the server to monitor the receivers’ available bandwidth. Based on the analyzed value, the server informs the video sender to automatically adjust the quality of the transmitted video streams.

The possible values are:

  • worst: adjusts the transmission bitrate to the receiver who has the worst network conditions
  • average: averages the available bandwidth of all the receivers and adjusts the transmission bitrate to this value
  • max: does not adjust the transmission bitrate to the receiver’s bandwidth

Default value: average

Returns: String?


ttl: NSNumber?

The time to live that enables customizing the waiting time (in seconds) and terminating empty conferences. The Voxeet service terminates conferences after the established time if no one has joined the new conference or the last participant has left it. The default value is 0 seconds.

Returns: NSNumber?


videoCodec: String?

The codec used for video conferences (H264 or VP8). The H264 is a default one.

Returns: String?


pinCode: String?

The PIN code of the conference.

Returns: String?


stats: Bool

Enables and disables conference statistics representing audio and video quality scores of local and remote participants. When enabled, the client receives an array, which includes audio and video Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) representing the participants' audio and video quality. To provide the MOS scores, the SDK calculates the quality scores and displays the values in a rage from 1 to 5, where 1 represents the worst quality, and 5 represents the highest quality. In cases when the MOS score is not available, the MOS score equals -1.

Returns: Bool