Build next-level audio and video experiences

Featuring Dolby Voice technology, users get access to advanced audio processing capabilities, including spatial audio, noise suppression, and dynamic audio leveling, to create custom experiences that are more lifelike, productive, and enjoyable than ever before.


API Library

Dolby Audio + Video magic
included in every API.

Introducing a suite of communications APIs that let you build Spatial Audio + HD Video into your apps - transforming them into seamless, in-flow experiences.

Pick and choose. Mix and match. Dolby APIs easily fit into a busy roadmap.

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Lifelike Experiences

Built on WebRTC, Dolby Voice Spatial Audio enhances conference call quality and functionality, making it easy to follow the conversation by eliminating cross-talk audio frictions and garbled voices.

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HD Video

Crystal clear video

Add HD video calling for a fully immersive experience in up to 30 FPS. HD video is fully compatible with all mobile devices and browsers while optimizing bandwidth and conserving battery based on participant network conditions.

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Call Recording

Real-time replay

Capture your meetings as they happen with Dolby Voice experience and replay them in real time, or export them as MP3 or MP4. Customize the visual orientation of your recordings, including screen sharing, with dynamic layouts.

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Live Video Broadcasting

More viewers. Less programming

Stream webinars, classes, training sessions, and other live events, with low latency WebRTC broadcasting – including HLS and RTMP support for large audiences.

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Screen Sharing

Share anything, from anywhere

Capture and screen share from any view in your web or mobile application with APIs that support Android, iOS, Electron, and desktop browsers.

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File Presentation

Your files are ready

Instantly transition into presentation mode and easily share presentations, PDFs, documents, and more, in your web and mobile applications.

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Great video chat, in your app

Build rich messaging directly into your product and application experiences using our Messaging API partners.

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API Suite

Developer first

From easy-to-navigate self-service portal to a support infrastructure built directly into your dashboard, this is a platform designed to get you from prototype to production, effortlessly.

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Secure, reliable, & scalable

Focus on what you need to put your application in production. We remove the complexity of communications while ensuring various levels of security and compliance, including access to a global infrastructure. is GDPR, HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant.

Dolby Voice

The magic behind 25 billion minutes of conference calls per year.

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The Difference

Infuse your apps with over 50 years of sight and sound research

Advanced Spatial Audio

Dolby applies its expertise in sound signal processing to provide improvements in voice quality and clarity that make virtual meetings more natural and productive.

  • Give your users movie quality Dolby sound
  • Separate overlapping voices to create more natural and lifelike conversations
  • Studies show a 25% increase in user productivity and less fatigue with spatial audio

Noise and Nuisance Suppression

Say good-bye to distracting noises. Dolby's suppression technology adapts quickly while allowing and maintaining duplex conversations.

  • Noise suppression for crowded environments
  • Repetitive noise suppression (e.g. keyboard typing)
  • Background noise suppression

Advanced Network Resilience

Keep communications running at all times with advanced network resilience to help maintain good audio quality in challenging network conditions.

  • Network resilience that can keep your communications going
  • Client and server voice quality metrics – network quality metrics and diagnostic tools

Voice Processing

Be heard with machine learning voice activity detector, automatic gain control, and dynamic audio leveling that work together to detect when you’re speaking, remove background noise, keep other sounds out, and maintain consistent levels between clients to keep multi-party calls clean.

  • Sophisticated voice activity detector that knows when people are talking to keep other sounds out of the call
  • Server Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for consistent voice levels in a call
  • Dynamic audio leveling to maintain consistent levels between clients

Mixing Mode

Scale video conferencing. The Dolby Voice codec is available on mobile and in the browser, allowing participants to hear everything – even at a low bitrate or on one audio stream. The mixing solution processes more than 15B minutes annually with conference providers, such as BlueJeans and British Telecom.

  • Hear everything even at a low bitrate and on one audio stream
  • Add in spatial cues between multiple speakers to have them spaced differently in front of you to better hear overlapping voices
  • Dolby Voice codec on mobile and soon, in browser

Integrated Audio Device Management

Understand device characteristics with an SDK that auto-detects devices and adjusts to accommodate known issues on devices. Use echo suppressor on the device or choose to perform custom EQs on native SDKs.

  • Optimized capture and render fueled by a massive device database
  • Use either device echo suppressor or Dolby echo suppressor based on device
  • Custom EQs setting per device
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Build HIPAA-compliant communications to support ongoing care and wellness.

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Deploy lifelike virtual classrooms, training sessions, and webinars that keep remote participants engaged and coming back

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Converse with applicants as though you're face-to-face, even if you're thousands of miles apart.

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Collaboration & Networking

Build custom collaboration apps that unite your participants with an open-source UX kit that accelerates your production.

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Customer & Field Services

Ensure your customers are heard at home or in the field, including customized recording capabilities for future reference.

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Online Broadcasting

Deliver crystal-clear audio and video for nearly any web event, from tens to hundreds of participants.

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