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Get professional-sounding audio masters that keep your creative intent intact with the powerful Music Mastering APIs from — the result of thousands of hours of musical analysis.

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Make your music sound its best

Produce quick and affordable masters without sacrificing the nuances of your mix. Created by musicians and mastering engineers, uses advanced technologies that take musical context into account. Easily configure our Music Mastering APIs to enhance subtle, tonal qualities and reduce the elements you don't want.


Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya, Ben Milchev

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“I am so thrilled that there is a Dolby mastering option on my SoundCloud account. As an independent artist, I will have access to the best quality sound for my music.”

Monsieur Vampland

“I’m so obsessed with using SoundCloud's mastering tool from Dolby on my old tracks, I've created a virtual masterer called Aurora Dolby!”

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Your music — your way

Mastering styles to suit your users

Choose between numerous music styles, developed with the expertise of professional mastering engineers and thousands of hours of audio analysis. We designed our flexible styles with modern musicians in mind and loudness optimized for streaming playback.

The Dolby Difference

Art and science in an API suite

Context is everything. Our Music Mastering API goes deeper into your songs, applying mastering processes with unmatched granularity, while retaining the intent of your mix.

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