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A complete, scalable audio video solution

Create lifelike telehealth consultations with Interactivity APIs.

Developer, clinician and patient friendly

Key benefits for the healthcare industry

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Highly secure and encrypted

The Interactivity APIs are HIPAA, GDPR and jurisdictionally compliant, and support private communication between caregivers and patients. Contact us for more information about a BAA agreement.

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Unparalleled clarity

With the only spatial audio solution in the market today, overlapping voices are separated for natural and lifelike conversations. Studies show a 25% increase in user productivityand less fatigue with spatial audio.

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Telehealth usage has seen a dramatic rise in the Covid pandemic. Our customers have experienced increases of over 600% in usage, and we are proud to support their mission with failsafe, degradation-free solutions.

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“I can tell you as a practicing physician who sees patients through our own technology, which embeds, that high-quality audio in the context of video-based visits is instrumental to having productive conversations with patients and providing the care that they need.”

Damon Ramsey

CEO & Co-Founder of InputHealth
“ has been a fantastic solution for us, both in terms of security and reliability.”

Luca Santarella

Head of Research & Development at DocSpera
“ gave us a very fast time to market. We started user testing within 5-8 weeks.”

Arul Venkatachalam

CEO of MediGuru

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Lifelike experiences

Built on WebRTC, Dolby Voice Spatial Audio enhances conference call quality and functionality, making it easy to follow the conversation by eliminating cross-talk audio frictions and garbled voices. In addition, HD video calling offers a fully immersive experience.

“On the technical side, we were excited about’s superior call quality with HD video and sound.”
Henrik Molin
CEO and Co-Founder of Physitrack

The Difference

Infuse your apps with over 50 years of sight and sound research

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Spatial Audio

Give your users move quality sound. With the only spatial audio solution in the market, overlapping voices are separated for natural and lifelike conversations. Studies show a 25% increase in user productivity and less fatigue with spatial audio.

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Scalable Video Conferencing

The Dolby Voice codec is available on mobile and in the browser, allowing participants to hear everything - even at a low bitrate or on one audio stream. Our mixing solution processes over 15B minutes annually with conference providers such as BlueJeans and GotoMeeting.


Constant Communication

Our network resilience and random distribution of loss maintains audio quality between providers and patients in challenging network conditions.

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Noise and Nuisance Suppression

We go beyond WebRTC to offer capture & render from a massive device database so we can easily remove repetitive noises (i.e. keyboard typing), and background noise.

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Voice Processing

Our sophisticated voice activity detector detects voices and removes background noise to keep other sounds out of the call, and also maintains consistent levels between clients.

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Auto-detection of device characteristics

Our SDK auto-detects various devices and adjusts to accommodate known issues on devices such as an echo suppressor. You can also choose to perform EQs on native SDKs.

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