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30K free minutesGet started for free! No need to enter a credit card. Try it out without any commitment.
$0.0025/min$0.0025/minLow starting ratesUsage-based pricing so you don’t have to sign a contract.
Volume discountsAs your usage grows, discounts grow.
Pick and choose from our APIsPRICING FORMULAParticipants x Minutes* x Rate
All rates as shown as per user per minute
Dolby Voice® + HD Video
Dolby Voice® spatial audio
Call recording (1080p)
RTMP content creation
Starter0 - 300K minutes/mo
Scale300K - 5 million minutes/moAS LOW AS
Enterprise5 million+ minutes/mo
  • Committed pricing for deeper discounts
  • Yearly commitment
  • Priority support
  • Security & HIPAA compliance
  • Regional media zone capability
  • IP whitelisting
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Dolby Voice® + HD video
Dolby Voice® spatial audio
Call recording (1080p)
RTMP content creation
“Because Dolby.io uses a WebRTC video streaming platform, we noticed very good and very fast video results on mobile clients. Dolby.io has been a fantastic solution for us, both in terms of security and reliability.”

Luca Santarella

Head of Research and Development, DocSpera
“Dolby.io’s features, the roadmap that Dolby provides, and the ease of integration enabled us to customize the solution for our constituents—all without sacrificing quality and at a cost that is beneficial.”

Siva Nagalingam

CEO, MediGuru
“It was such a pleasure to get the Dolby.io spatial audio working. Our conference attendees used the spatial audio in our app and were wowed."

Dr. Soo Ling Lim

Founder and CEO, Hubbub
How do I get started?Under the "Default App" section, you will find your API key. To get started with Interactivity, please click here. To get started with Media, click here. All further integration documentation lives in our Developers section at the top of the page.
How is my usage calculated?Usage is calculated based off the types of media or APIs used in the given month. For each minute used, you are charged the appropriate price per minute. If you are still on free trial minutes, you will not be charged for any of that usage automatically.
What do I do if I need help getting started?Please reach out to support to talk to a specialist that can help get you started!
Can I pay with a bank account or credit card?Yes all users are eligible to pay with a bank account (ACH only) or any type of credit card.
What are the billing cycle start and end dates? Can I change it?Billing cycle start and end dates reflect the month's usage in which you are charged for each invoice. No you are not able to adjust your billing cycle dates.
Can I add multiple credit cards and bank accounts?All users are able to add multiple accounts but will only be charged on the default account they have set. Whichever account is set as default on the billing date will be charged for the prior month's usage.
What is the difference between pay as you go and enterprise accounts?Pay as you go clients are billed to the set rates defined on the pricing page. Enterprise clients typically have higher frequent usage and receive custom rates along with support for their needs. In order to become an enterprise customer, please reach out and talk to one of the customer experience members.
How are you keeping financial information and the transaction secure?We process all payments via Stripe, enabling leading industry methods to ensure all safety for our users' data.
*Minutes are referred to as Participant Connected minutes (i.e. 3 participants join a 30 minute call. One is late by 2 minutes. 28 minutes would be charged for the participant that was late, rather than 30 minutes).
READY TO GET STARTEDWe're happy to chat about our APIs, SDKs...or magic.Our team of experts are available to tell you more about pricing, industry solutions, and other helpful resources.