Live stream hybrid and virtual events to global audiences

Dolby Millicast delivers broadcast-quality live streaming at sub-second latency, enabling interactivity and audience engagement.

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Global scalability
Global scalability Dolby quality real-time, sub-second latency streaming Post-production included
Did we say worldwide? Dolby Millicast is a true global content delivery network (CDN) with data centers dedicated to streaming in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.
With our distinguished 60-year history in providing outstanding audio and video solutions, Dolby Millicast offers enterprise and developers an unparalleled combination of timeless expertise, proven results, long-term stability and trust – exactly what you need when running a live event.
We understand that latency is disruptive and leads to poor engagement. That’s why Dolby Millicast streaming ensures your content reaches audiences in less than 500 milliseconds – no matter where they are or what device they’re on.
Get maximum shelf-life from your event by transforming it into evergreen content. Leverage recorded content for sales, internal training, or other use cases. has a toolbox of media post-production APIs that let you enhance the quality of your recorded audio and prepare files for playback across multiple systems and scenarios through transcoding.

Popular use cases

Webinar platforms
Online event platforms
Trade shows & conventions
Corporate summits and boardroom meetings
Hybrid and virtual event platforms

Learn more in our live events and remote production solutions brief

Dive into our solution brief to learn how Dolby Millicast enables real-time streaming to massive global audiences and seamless production for live events.

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Learn more about how Dolby Millicast can help you scale your event to more than a million simultaneous viewers by requesting a demo. Want to start testing? Get 50 GB of free bandwidth just for signing up.

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