Live Sports Betting

Maximize earnings and captivate fans: Dolby Millicast easily enables microbetting in live sports broadcasts.

Real-time sports betting

Dolby Millicast technology allows viewers to place bets in real-time keeping live sports fans actively engaged from start to finish. Our unique CDN, powered by WebRTC, ensures global players stay in sync and spoiler-free.

Boost fan engagement and profits by extending the booking window with sub-500ms latency. Avoid unnecessary revenue loss from typical streaming delays and booking cutoffs.

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Monetize your sports content like never before.

Multi-bet and personalized sports betting

Dolby Millicast enables a variety of real-time bet types and gamification options, complemented by personalized ads, rewards, and incentives tailored to player history.

Real-time updates on trending bets and odds keep the audience engaged throughout the event.

Enable players to bet on multiple games simultaneously with our Multiview feature. Real-time video streaming is essential for the multi-bet option, enabling users to follow multiple games and make informed decisions based on live action.

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Approximately 53% of Gen Z bettors participate in sports betting socially, indicating their significant presence in the market.

Source: Hashtag Sports

What do Gen Z fans expect?

Gen Z fans demand real-time interaction and seamless engagement. This generation expects immediate and dynamic experiences, making in-game betting a crucial feature for capturing their attention.

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Secure and seamless across all networks

Scale your business with a trusted partner

Volume discounts

High-volume customers can save thousands of dollars a month.

Priority support

Assigned account representatives for a guaranteed response time.

Reduce total cost of ownership

No channel fess or startup costs that the competitors charge.

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De-risk your investment

Dolby Millicast offers unparalleled expertise, stability, and trust.

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Why Dolby? We electrify sports fans.

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Deliver an engaging player experience with Dolby Millicast

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