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Enhance audio

Embed audio enhancement into your applications to enable speech enhancement and background noise reduction in your applications. Drive engagement with high-fidelity media and premium audio features.



The most advanced audio processing API

With the Enhance API, your recordings sound consistent and tonally correct. We automatically remove background noise and hums, ensure loudness levels are consistent, and reduce mouth clicks, heavy S’s, and popping P sounds. And there’s no need to separate the audio from your video. Simply send us your media file and we’ll return the same file type with the audio enhanced.

Background noise reduction
Loudness correction
Plosive removal
Background noise reduction
Dynamics processing
Scene-based audio processing
Background hum removal
Sibilance reduction
Dynamic talker balancing
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Popular use cases

The possibilities are endless


Improve the clarity and consistency of every voice in your story.

Social Media

Ensure audio is well-optimized for playback across multiple platforms.


Remove distractions so students can focus on learning.


Enhance, personalize, edit and convert videos programmatically in the cloud

See how the Media APIs can help you enhance and transcode your media files in no time. In this example, the Enhance API is used to clean up, normalize, and improve the audio quality of user-generated content. The Transcode API is used to add overlays, trim and stitch clips, and create multiple output formats for distribution. Use one or several Media APIs to quickly and easily automate your media workflows.

Audio enhancement for Box

Enhance your content, right in Box

Creating great-sounding content has never been easier. Now you can make production-quality audio as simple as uploading a file to Box with the latest audio enhancement app for Box Enterprise users, powered by

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Hear the difference with your ears

Improving the sound quality of your audio files or video recordings has never been easier with the Enhance API, powered by decades of audio signal processing and state-of-the-art deep learning. Get your own media content enhanced in seconds and hear the high-quality difference for yourself.

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1 – 10K minutes per month


10K – 100K minutes per month


Minutes x rate


1 – 10K minutes per month


Minutes x rate


1 – 10K minutes per month

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Develop high-quality, immersive audio experiences that reduce fatigue and enhance intelligibility of your media with a single API call.

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