Sub-second latency streaming for game engines

Dolby Millicast drives social interactions and real-time engagement with sub-second latency streaming that can scale to massive, global audiences.

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Stream live audio and video into your 3D environment

Stream media in or out of your virtual world with Dolby Millicast real-time streaming player and publisher plugins. Not only can you take a broadcast or webcam feed and render it on a 2D texture with the player plugin, but you can also stream a virtual camera out of your virtual world to audiences on any device with our publisher plugin. 

Developers can even stream multiple virtual cameras out to any browser and utilize our multi-view feature to play back multiple cameras at the same time.


Developer resources makes it easy to get started using our streaming solutions for game engines. We provide easy-to-follow documentation and how-to guides, and our support plans are just a button click away to help you get your project up and running. Real-time Streaming for Unreal Engine and Unity


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