Boost interactive fan engagement

No more off-season. Captivate fans year-round with live, interactive sports experiences.

Own the fan experience

Our real-time streaming features empower sports brands to create unparalleled interactive fan experiences. We enable complete control over interactive fan engagement, beyond the constraints of social media platforms allowing for personalized and direct viewer interaction.

Engage beyond the game

Off-season fan engagement leads to a 52% increase in spending on tickets and merchandise.”

Source: Deloitte fan engagement survey

Redefine interactive fan engagement & boost revenue

Sports brands can unlock new revenue streams by offering exclusive, behind-the-scenes content which boosts viewer engagement and connection. Create new sponsorship and advertising opportunities, tapping into a global audience eager for immersive sports content.

Live sports betting adds an exhilarating layer to fan engagement, promoting continuous interaction and generates direct earnings for sports content owners.

Unlock the benefits of Dolby Millicast

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Cutting-edge performance

Deliver action as it happens with  sub-500ms latency.

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Massive scale

Stream up to a million fans without compromising quality or speed.

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Synchronized viewing

Ensure that every fan watches together in real time, eliminating spoilers.

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Interactive experiences

“90% of Gen Z fans use social media to consume sports content like game clips, interviews and athlete posts.”

Source: Deloitte fan engagement survey


As your usage grows, discounts grow

Talk to us about enterprise pricing for high volume providers.

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Experience the Dolby difference

With our distinguished 60-year history in providing outstanding audio and video solutions, Dolby Millicast offers enterprise and developers an unparalleled combination of timeless expertise, proven results, long-term stability and trust – exactly what you need when building an interactive fan engagement program.

Real-time. All the time.

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Deliver fast and reliable real-time video to power fan experiences

Learn more about how Dolby Millicast can be your partner in interactive fan engagement. Consult with a product expert to discuss your use case.

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