Live auction software & online bidding platform

Dolby Millicast seamlessly connects bidders and auctioneers through our real-time streaming auction software, accessible across all devices.

Global online auctions with sub-second latency

Dolby Millicast is modernizing the auction and online marketplace with its interactive WebRTC solution. Whether you’re selling cars in the UK or heavy farm equipment across the American Midwest, you can easily create a dynamic and immersive bidding experience.

Our real-time streaming specialists handle the technical aspects, allowing you to set up a live auction effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Ensure the best streaming quality

Provide your audience with the highest level of visual quality by offering video streaming up to 4K. The high-resolution content, particularly when viewed on bigger screens, can greatly improve the bidding process due to its superior image clarity.

This is particularly important for high-value or intricate items where detailing is key.

Provide bidders the option to select their preferred camera angle of the item up for bid.

Live online auction features & benefits

High quality

Broadcast in 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR, and the highest color accuracy

Sub-second latency

Scalable Real-time streams to global players in <500 milliseconds

Cost-effective model

No channel fees and volume discounts as you scale

Security compliance

Stream Encryption, Subscriber tokens, Geo-IP Restrictions

Device agnostic

Playback in Progressive Web Apps & stream on any native player

Dedicated Global Support

Guaranteed rapid-response times

Synchronized video in real-time

Live auctions require immediate bid updates on screen to ensure a fair experience for viewers. The Dolby Millicast CDN delivers high-speed video via multiple global data centers to ensure that all viewers receive synchronized real-time video and up-to-the-minute bids.

With a latency of 500ms or less, we ensure that bidders stay in sync and allow for bidding to take place right up to the final moment.

Dispute resolution

We uphold the integrity of live auctions by providing necessary features for resolving bid timing disputes. One such feature is live clipping, which allows you to create and share clips from your auction within seconds of airing.

Additionally, we offer the ability to record your auction streams and access the files post-event.

The Dolby difference

With our distinguished 60-year history in providing outstanding audio and video solutions, Dolby Millicast offers enterprise and developers an unparalleled combination of timeless expertise, proven results, long-term stability and trust – exactly what you need when running an online casino.

Trusted by our customers

Real-time Streaming Auction Case Study

Interencheres used to reach their audience on every device and browser within minutes

Interencheres, the leading website in France for live auctions, chose Real-time Streaming for their real-time live streaming platform to replace Flash and reach all modern browsers and devices natively without the need for a plugin or custom player.

Popular auction use cases

Collectibles & antiques
Auction technology companies
Commercial & farm equipment
Livestock auctions
Auction houses

Learn more about the role of real-time streaming for auctions in our solution brief

Dive into our solution brief to learn how Dolby Millicast elevates live auction experiences.

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