Live horse race betting

Dolby Millicast is reinventing the horse racing industry by providing real-time video to over a million players globally, all within 500 milliseconds. Our CDN technology ensures that all bettors are viewing the same live stream and betting information simultaneously.

A new era of horse racing is here

Exciting advancements in WebRTC and 5G technology have broadened the reach of online betting at horse racing tracks. Due to the swift nature of the sport, the odds can shift in an instant, and any lag or delay in live streaming may result in lost chances, deceptive betting, or inaccurate wagers. 

Our unique Dolby Millicast CDN ensures a fair betting experience by delivering streams with less than 500ms latency, from the horse track straight to the bettor’s device, anywhere in the world.

Significantly increase your handle

Utilizing real-time streaming, bookmakers can extend the operation of their betting windows, often closing just moments before a horse race begins. 

Sub-500ms latency also enables those placing bets to swiftly adjust their stakes immediately post the start gate departure, an option unavailable with the typical streaming delay from five to ten seconds.

Gain and hold the attention of more viewers

The impact of real-time streaming and microbetting

Real-time streaming accommodates various types of horse race betting, allowing your viewers to choose from a wide variety of options. 

Microbetting offers bettors the opportunity to make several small wagers on different facets of the race as it unfolds, beyond just the traditional Win, Place, and Show bets.

Drive new revenue opportunities and maximize your ROI

Real-time streaming offers the potential for increased revenue through immersive viewer interactions. With the expertise of our Dolby Millicast team, we can seamlessly incorporate elements such as contextual gamification and interactive ads into your platform. 

This can lead to significant revenue generation during just one live racing event.


As your usage grows, discounts grow

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Trusted by our customers

The Dolby difference

The Dolby name is synonymous with superior quality, exceptional performance, and groundbreaking innovation. Live Sports betting operators trust in our long-standing expertise and commitment to high standards.

When you choose Dolby Millicast, you’re not just choosing a service – you’re choosing a partner dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sound and visual technology.

Live horse racing features & benefits

High quality

Broadcast in 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR, and the highest color accuracy

Sub-second latency

Scalable Real-time streams to global players in <500 milliseconds

Cost-effective model

No channel fees and volume discounts as you scale

Security compliance

Stream Encryption, Subscriber tokens, Geo-IP Restrictions

Device agnostic

Playback in Progressive Web Apps & stream on any native player

Dedicated Global Support

Guaranteed rapid-response times

Learn more in the live horse racing solutions brief

Dive into our solution brief to learn how Dolby Millicast maximizes the live horse racing experience.


Dolby Millicast is firmly committed to the ethical and responsible treatment of race horses.

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