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Dolby Millicast is revolutionizing the live casino industry by delivering real-time video to more than a million simultaneous players worldwide, all in under 500 milliseconds. We empower seamless player-dealer engagement across every device and network.

Trusted performance and reliability in iGaming

Dolby Millicast delivers lightning-fast video to global players in real time, for a fair and compliant betting experience. The most trusted iGaming operators worldwide rely on our unique CDN architecture for synchronized high-quality, player experiences.

Quick customization and simple integration

Live casino operators need to concentrate on the business. Our real-time streaming experts do the technical work for you and make it easy to integrate your own interactive streaming solution in a matter of minutes.

Dolby Millicast builds progressive web apps that function in any native player, eliminating the need for costly and regulated app stores.

Empower bettors with real-time data analysis and the ability to place bets right up to the final moment.

iGaming features & benefits

High quality

Broadcast in 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR, and the highest color accuracy

Sub-second latency

Scalable Real-time streams to global players in <500 milliseconds

Cost-effective model

No channel fees and volume discounts as you scale

Security compliance

Stream Encryption, Subscriber tokens, Geo-IP Restrictions

Device agnostic

Progressive Web Apps play on the native player

Dedicated Global Support

Guaranteed rapid-response times


As your usage grows, discounts grow

Talk to us about enterprise pricing for high volume providers.

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The Dolby difference

With our distinguished 60-year history in providing outstanding audio and video solutions, Dolby Millicast offers enterprise and developers an unparalleled combination of timeless expertise, proven results, long-term stability and trust – exactly what you need when running an online casino.

Real-time. All the time.

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Popular iGaming use cases

Live blackjack
Live roulette
Live baccarat
Live bingo
Live slot machines
Live keno

Enhance player engagement

Easily integrate the Dolby Millicast Multiview feature which offers players three unique camera views of the live game.

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Learn more in the iGaming and online casino solutions brief

Dive into our solution brief to learn how Dolby Millicast maximizes the player experience.

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