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Create the ultimate interactive viewer experience

Maximize engagement with immersive real-time streaming at sub-second latency. Lightning-fast video in sync for up to a million viewers.

Dolby Millicast

Push the boundaries of real-time with sub-500ms interactive streaming

For essential real-time video delivery, rely on Dolby Millicast’s WebRTC-based CDN, perfect for large-scale streaming. Transform your brand and drive revenue growth with:

Live, immersive, and interactive experiences

A synchronized, real-time global audience

Advanced, customizable streaming features

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Features & benefits

High quality

Broadcast in 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR, and the highest color accuracy

Sub-second latency

Scalable Real-time streams to global players in <500 milliseconds

Cost-effective model

No channel fees and volume discounts as you scale

Security compliance

Stream Encryption, subscriber tokens, geo-IP restrictions, ISO 27001 certification

Device agnostic

Progressive Web Apps play on the native player

Dedicated Global Support

Guaranteed rapid-response times

Dolby Millicast Interactive Multiviewer

Remotely monitor multiple live streams in one single multi-view, using your browser on any device or with the use of our tvOS or iOS Remote Monitor apps.

Scale your business with a trusted partner

Volume discounts

High-volume customers can save thousands of dollars a month.

Priority support

Assigned account representatives for a guaranteed response time.

Reduce total cost of ownership

No channel fess or startup costs that the competitors charge.

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De-risk your investment

Dolby Millicast offers unparalleled expertise, stability, and trust.

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The Dolby difference

With our distinguished 60-year history in providing outstanding audio and video solutions, Dolby Millicast offers enterprise and developers an unparalleled combination of timeless expertise, proven results, long-term stability and trust – exactly what you need when running your business.

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Start streaming in real-time with Dolby Millicast

No credit card to start. Enjoy up to 50 GB in CDN bandwidth per month for free.

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