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Built for developers, inspired by science. makes it easy to build and deliver high-quality content with just a few lines of code. From refining audio and video files to delivering immersive conferencing and collaboration, let our scalable, flexible APIs do the work so you can focus on keeping your customers engaged.

Understand the quality of your media and get deeper insight into whats inside.

      "loudness": {
          "integrated_loudness": -21.74,
          "integrated_loudness_range": 7.91,
          "sample_peak": -8.08,
          "true_peak": -8.03,
          "level_gated_loudness": -20.4,
          "speech_gated_loudness": -21.74,
          "speech_percentage": 63.99
      "quality": {
          "clipping": {
              "first_clip": 1000, // in seconds
              "no_clips": 32 // amount of clipping events in file
          "noise": {
              "snr_average": 80, // in dB
              "snr_peak": 57  // in dB
      "content": {
          "silence": {
              "start": 3758,  // start silence in seconds
              "end": 9990,    // end silence in seconds
              "total": 5000,  // total silence in seconds
      "media_info": {
        "container": {
            "kind": "mov",
            "duration_sec": 10,
            "bitrate_kb": 7000,
            "size_kb": 54300,
            "video": {
                "codec": "h264",
                "frame_rate": 25,
                "height": 1080,
                "width": 1920,
                "aspect": "16:9",
                "interlace_mode": "progressive",
                "chroma_format": "yuv420p",
            "audio": {
                "codec": "aac",
                "bitrate_kb": 128,
                "bitrate_mode": "cbr",
                "sample_rate": "48000",
                "bit_depth": "16",
                "channels": "2",
                "channel_order": "L R",
                "duration_sec": "10",

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