How to migrate your Twilio Video API applications to Dolby Millicast

Twilio has decided to stop offering Twilio Programmable Video. is ready to help you transition smoothly from Twilio Video to the Dolby Millicast WebRTC streaming platform to deliver high-quality live streaming with sub-second latency, allowing for interactive and engaging experiences for your audience.

Declaration from Twilio

Twilio announced on December 4, 2023 that Twilio Video will no longer be offered as a standalone product. Twilio Video is a programmable real-time communications platform that allows you to add video chat functionality to your web, iOS, and Android applications.

This decision is part of the company’s evolving strategy, and it signifies the end-of-life (EOL) for this specific service.

What to do next

Dolby Millicast is prepared to facilitate a smooth transition for your Twilio applications to their WebRTC streaming platform, ensuring an uninterrupted and efficient streaming experience.

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Twilio Video APIs and SDKs built on WebRTC will be discontinued. They will remove the Programmable Video from their portfolio. For a complete description of this product, please visit Twilio Video docs here.

No EOL date has yet been provided. Please contact Twilio.

Present Twilio clients need to transition to a different service provider like Dolby Millicast, which provides real-time streaming APIs utilizing WebRTC, to guarantee uninterrupted and continuous streaming services.

You can be at ease regarding any technical issues that may arise during the transition and let the Dolby Millicast team of WebRTC experts do the work for you.

The steps for Migration which ensure success are:

1. Planning: Decide on a migration strategy. This could be a big bang (all at once) or phased approach (step-by-step). Define the scope, schedule, resources, and costs.

2. Design: Map out how the solution will work on the new platform. This may involve changes to the architecture, data models, interfaces, and other aspects of the solution.

3. Preparation: Set up the new platform and prepare the solution for migration. This may involve configuring the new environment, rewriting code, converting data, and so on.

4. Migration: Move the solution to the new platform. This may be done in stages, with testing at each stage to ensure everything works as expected.

5. Testing: After the migration, conduct thorough testing to identify any issues. This should cover functional, performance, and security testing.

6. Deployment: Once you are satisfied with the testing results, deploy the migrated solution. Inform users about the change and provide training if necessary.

7. Monitoring and Optimization: Monitor the performance of the new solution and optimize as needed. This could involve tuning the system, fixing bugs, or adding new features.

Yes, like Twilio, Dolby Millicast Supports Simulcast. Simulcast is a method where the same source track is encoded and transmitted to the Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) at varying resolutions, bitrates, and frame rates by the sender.

For we have slightly different terminology for how we organize broadcasts, for the rest of the blog keep in mind that:

– A Twilio Conference Room is a stream.
– A Participant is a source within a Multisource stream.
– A viewer like in Twilio, is just a viewer.

To discuss migrating your applications from Twilio to Dolby Millicast, please contact us and mention your plans to migrate. We will schedule a free migration consultation with you.

Twilio migration

Dolby Millicast Migration Guide

For more information, please review our Twilio to Dolby Millicast Migration Guide.

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Dolby Millicast features & benefits

High quality

Broadcast in 4K resolution, 10-bit HDR, and the highest color accuracy

Sub-second latency

Scalable Real-time streams to global players in <500 milliseconds

Cost-effective model

No channel fees and volume discounts as you scale

Security compliance

Stream Encryption, Subscriber tokens, Geo-IP Restrictions

Device agnostic

Progressive Web Apps play on the native player

Dedicated Global Support

Guaranteed rapid-response times

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Deliver fast and reliable real-time video to your audience

To discuss migrating your applications from Twilio to Dolby Millicast contact us and mention you are migrating from Twilio Video. We will schedule a free migration consultation with our solutions team with you.

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