Early Tech Preview: live performance streaming technology


We are pleased to share news of an early tech preview of live performance streaming technology.

We are pleased to share news of an early tech preview of live performance streaming technology.

The in-development live performance streaming technology includes a revolutionary set of capabilities with the power to bring unparalleled levels of immersion to live performance streams. We are excited to share more information on the game-changing technology that redefines what a livestream performance looks, sounds, and feels like, and share details of the demonstrations we will deliver at SXSW 2023. live performance streaming technology not only redefines the fan experience with premium media quality, but also lowers the barrier to entry to create powerful livestream experiences for venues and artists by simplifying the logistics and introducing first-of-their-kind capabilities, including cloud-based Dolby Atmos mixing and video composition to allow for low latency remote production. 

Today, has opened an early access program and is now accepting applications for potential early access partners, including individuals representing relevant software platforms and developers, venues, artists, and additional industry professionals, as we partner with organizations while continuing to enhance the services.

The three components of live performance streaming technology 

The live performance streaming technology unfolds across three key components: 1) capture, 2) produce, and 3) deliver. Ultimately, users and developers leveraging these services are empowered to: 

  1. Capture and transport audio and video from venues in high quality with ease and without the resource-intensiveness, cost, and environmental impact of traditional approaches. Individual audio channels and camera feeds from the venue are sent to the cloud service.
  1. Produce a Dolby Atmos mix and video program from anywhere in the world with powerful web-based production tools for creatives like mix engineers and video producers. This includes an intuitive service for video composition and a service for creating a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos audio mix in the cloud.
  1. Deliver an incredibly immersive and premium quality media experience, including Dolby Atmos audio and high-quality video, to fans across a wide range of playback environments and devices, whether that’s on their phone, in their living room, or even piped into virtual environments. 

Why is live performance streaming technology unique? 

Unlike conventional livestreaming solutions that force tradeoffs between quality and logistical complexity, Live Performance Streaming is logistically very easy to set up for venues, saving valuable time and money – not to mention reducing the environmental impact – while delivering a truly differentiated fan experience. 

Also, this technology is unlocking a new experience in the form of remote, cloud-based Dolby Atmos mixing for the audio portion of the media and remote video mixing. This means Dolby Atmos mixers from around the world have an opportunity to mix an artist, no matter where the venue is, all from the studio of their choice. 

And last, but certainly not least, all of this is happening with extremely low latency and with the premium media quality artists, venues, mixers, and consumers have come to expect from Dolby. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the live performance streaming technology is the opportunities it creates for artists, creative professionals, venues, fans, platforms, and developers. 

The key value of live performance streaming technology 

  • For artists, live performance streaming technology represents an opportunity to deliver high-quality immersive experiences for their fans, expand their reach, unlock new creative possibilities, and increase earnings. 
  • For creative professionals, such as audio engineers and video producers, this technology creates new opportunities to apply and monetize their valuable skill sets, even if they’re on the other side of the globe from the venue. 
  • For venues and festivals, live performance streaming technology opens up new revenue streams through virtual ticket sales – all without the logistics or cost of conventional broadcast solutions, and to evolve from a capacity-constrained business model to a demand-constrained model, while improving their brand and standing out from the crowd. 
  • For fans, this technology means people will have the chance to put themselves in the center of the action and experience their favorite artists with an entirely new level of immersion. 
  • For platforms, this technology creates possibilities for exclusive content and allows them to expand their platform with differential experiences. 
  • For developers, live performance streaming technology represents powerful services that can serve as the foundation for entirely new virtual experiences. 

Dolby Laboratories and at SXSW 

Dolby Laboratories is bringing the future of immersive entertainment experiences to the heart of Austin through its first-ever experiential takeover at SXSW – Dolby House. Dolby House features eight installations highlighting the future of immersive experiences in Dolby across music, movies and streaming, gaming, sports, and podcasts. Dolby House, open daily from 9:00am – 9:00pm CT starting Friday, March 10 through Sunday, March 19, will also host 20+ free panels, events, and industry + creator meet ups throughout the week. 

Additionally,, Dolby’s developer platform, will show off its latest suite of real-time streaming, communications, and media APIs. This will include a tech preview of the new live performance streaming technology capabilities. live performance streaming technology demonstrations at SXSW 

For folks that want to get an even closer look at the technology, we invite you to join us for a preview of this game-changing technology. In the demonstration sessions, attendees will have a chance to witness both the consumer experience that this technology enables as well as peak behind the curtain to understand the technology that’s making it all possible and even connect with the team responsible for product strategy and development. 

Apply for live performance streaming early access 

While this phase of the early access period is limited to a small number of partners, we plan to expand the program over time. We will review applicants and will follow up with additional details. 

To apply, please visit

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