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For the past 50 years, our mission has been to enhance the science of sight and sound for the media and entertainment industry. We’ve learned a lot during that time and have set the bar for the way creators and artists tell stories through movies, TV, music, and games. Continuing on our mission of bringing the Dolby magic to the world, we are bringing our innovations (and many new ones) and making them available to any developer, of any business, of any industry through an accessible and easy-to-use collection of APIs. 

Today, Dolby is introducing two exciting products within one platform — our Interactivity APIs focus on real-time voice and video collaboration, and our Media Processing APIs focus on audio/video content enhancement and analysis.

There’s been a sea-change in the way we interact real-time and offline. Instead of words, we use pictures, video, and sound. As we’ve seen the way that businesses now use real-time interactions and file-based content to communicate and collaborate, we believe that we can help make those experiences richer, more intimate, more intelligible, more insightful, and more engaging.

Making every product interactive

Through the evolution of communications, businesses collaborated through phone calls, text messages, and video conferencing apps. If you have an app of your own, the last thing you want is your users to leave and communicate using a different tool. You lose connection and attention over their journey experiencing your product.

A seamless customer experience is critical to capture and retain your customers. To that end, our Interactivity APIs let you embed crystal clear voice and video conferencing into your app. It’s a win-win. You’re adding richer functionality to your application, and your customers get a clean, native, and unified experience.

Enhancing content everywhere

If you look back in time, everything we consumed was professionally produced. Whether it was the latest episode of a television show, a movie in a theater, a soccer match, or your favorite song, there was a team of audio professionals with decades of experience and the latest equipment on hand to make that content sound great.

Now, everyone’s a creator and in seconds it’s possible for someone to record, edit, and share their media with the world. That media isn’t only for entertainment purposes — audio and video are used now more than ever for education, healthcare, dating, sales, and more. Those industries deserve great sound just as much as our entertainment content does, and is here to help.

We want to give every developer access to a team of audio professionals through simple APIs. Our audio processing APIs offer adaptive noise reduction, loudness leveling, equalization, and dialog enhancement. You don’t need to be an audio professional to get professional-quality, world-class sound and expert insights.

The team

We’ve scaled a global team to focus on the different areas of the platform. We’re serious about this, and we’ve brought together our best talent to develop this platform. We’re obsessed with pushing the limits of the audio/visual experience, and the team consists of some of the brightest minds in the industry who are committed to enhancing your experience.

Come on in

We’re excited to offer a platform that provides better audio and video in a simple, cost effective way. Simply click the ‘sign up’ button and you’re on your way. We invite anyone to come in and try our APIs. Our technologies are embedded in 10 billion devices around the world and we power 25 billion minutes of conferencing each year. Whether you are solving for poor audio/video quality, looking to make data-driven decisions about your content, or trying to streamline customer flow and communications within your app, we have a reliable, secure, and higher-fidelity experience for you. Developers are already building things with our APIs that we hadn’t imagined ourselves, and we can’t wait to see what you build next. Check out the Media Processing and Interactivity pages to learn more.

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