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The Enhance API is designed to analyze your content then automatically reduce background noise, adjust loudness, and improve dynamics to deliver a consistent, professional, high-quality asset.
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Get valuable, time-saving insights about your audio.
The Analyze API is designed to provide data about your audio’s loudness, distortion, noise, silence, and quality so your team can organize and deliver your content with confidence.
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    Remove background noise

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    Save time

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    Reduce listener fatigue

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    Identify quality issues

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    Fix audio levels

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    Improve intelligibility

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    Enhance dialog

Let our APls do the hard work of delivering better audio.

Access over 50 years of speech, psychoacoustics, audio processing, and content analysis, Instantly, with just a few lines of code

Understand the quality of your media and get deeper insight into whats inside.

      "loudness": {
          "integrated_loudness": -21.74,
          "integrated_loudness_range": 7.91,
          "sample_peak": -8.08,
          "true_peak": -8.03,
          "level_gated_loudness": -20.4,
          "speech_gated_loudness": -21.74,
          "speech_percentage": 63.99
      "quality": {
          "clipping": {
              "first_clip": 1000, // in seconds
              "no_clips": 32 // amount of clipping events in file
          "noise": {
              "snr_average": 80, // in dB
              "snr_peak": 57  // in dB
      "content": {
          "silence": {
              "start": 3758,  // start silence in seconds
              "end": 9990,    // end silence in seconds
              "total": 5000,  // total silence in seconds
      "media_info": {
        "container": {
            "kind": "mov",
            "duration_sec": 10,
            "bitrate_kb": 7000,
            "size_kb": 54300,
            "video": {
                "codec": "h264",
                "frame_rate": 25,
                "height": 1080,
                "width": 1920,
                "aspect": "16:9",
                "interlace_mode": "progressive",
                "chroma_format": "yuv420p",
            "audio": {
                "codec": "aac",
                "bitrate_kb": 128,
                "bitrate_mode": "cbr",
                "sample_rate": "48000",
                "bit_depth": "16",
                "channels": "2",
                "channel_order": "L R",
                "duration_sec": "10",
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Your users can experience and enjoy Dolby-quality media, no matter the industry.

  • Podcasts


    Improve the clarity and consistency of every voice in your story.

  • Education


    Remove distractions so listeners can focus on the learning experience.

  • Healthcare


    Improve the clarity of your conversations.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Enhance the quality of mobile recordings to make your content pop.

  • Entertainment


    Understand what's inside your audio to help with search and recommendation.

  • Sports


    Improve the quality of all of audio and video around the main event.

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