Inspect, correct, and perfect your audio

Your users deserve premium audio quality. Give them a more polished and pleasing sound. With a few lines of code, you can enhance the sound of your content by removing unwanted distractions — automatically. Increase content listenership, and make your audio content sound its best.

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Save time and money

Creating great-sounding content takes time, costs money, and requires manual processing. When your team doesn't have the resources to process all your content, our APIs can help apply the right amount of processing with just a few lines of code — quickly and cost-effectively. Make your audio sound consistent and professional, and free up your audio experts to focus on the creative process.

Gain a competitive edge

Make your content stand out from the crowd by giving it greater audio impact. With a simple API call, you can remove background noise, improve dialog clarity, and reduce listener fatigue. Give your users a differentiated experience with premium audio processing features that boost engagement, watchability — and ultimately, increase the value of your product.

Access the Dolby magic

Dolby has revolutionized the science of sight and sound through innovative research and engineering. Now with, you can experience that same Dolby magic on your own content built with the learnings from decades of audio signal processing know-how and state-of-the-art deep learning. Enjoy secure, reliable, and scalable APIs you can trust, and go from prototype to production — effortlessly.

The most advanced audio processing API

Let our APIs automatically analyze and enhance your content, or customize the parameters to get the sound you want.

Background noise reduction

Loudness correction

Plosive removal

Adaptive speech isolation

Dynamics processing

Scene-based audio processing

Background hum removal

Sibilance reduction

Dynamic talker balancing

What our customers are saying

"We’re excited to bring the magic of to help retailers create top quality CitNOW videos for their customers, even in loud environments. We expect this enhancement to boost CSI scores, with more effective videos increasing business opportunities for retailers.”

Alistair Horsburgh

"Having really powerful audio cleaning, equalization and audio enhancement technology is something no one else in the industry is offering, which has really set us apart from the pack."

Sabba Keynejad

Co-founder and CEO,
" allows our users to save time and maximize their creative possibilities in post-production."

Zach Moreno

CEO, Squadcast

Simple to integrate

Our easy-to-use APIs improve the quality of your audio and video content in just a few lines of code. Get started for free.

import dolbyio from '@dolbyio/media-sdk';

// Use the Media Client SDK to define input and output file locations
// such as AWS S3 and Dolby Temporary Storage (dlb)
let client = new dolbyio();
let input = 's3://dolbyio/public/shelby/airplane.original.mp4';
let output = 'dlb://airplane.enhanced.mp4';

// Configure the behavior for how your media will be improved = 'mobile_phone';

// Start a processing job and download the result
let result = await client.mediaEnhance(input, output);
await client.mediaOutput(output.getLocation(), './airplane.enhanced.mp4');
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Enhance your content, right in

We're partnering with our friends at Box to enable you to enhance your content with clicks, not code. Get ready for better sounding content — integrated right where you store your media.

The future never sounded better.

Your users can experience and enjoy Dolby-quality media, no matter the industry.


Improve the clarity and consistency of every voice in your story.


Remove distractions so students can focus on learning.


Boost the clarity of your conversations to promote better patient engagement.

Social media

Make your content pop by easily enhancing the quality of mobile recordings.


Increase searchability by understanding what’s inside your audio.


Deliver a more immersive experience for your fans by improving audio and video quality.

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