Announcing Major Music Mastering Enhancements & New Developer Resources


Learn more about the latest Music Mastering enhancements and developer resources.

With millions of minutes of audio processed across thousands of creators, producers, and musical artists, the Music Mastering service has continued to set the standard for cloud-based music mastering. 

Along the way, industry-leading platforms including SoundCloud and UnitedMasters have partnered with to offer creators across the globe a powerful suite of exclusive capabilities that have been historically out of reach for many artists. 

Today, we are thrilled to share a series of extensive enhancements made to the Music Mastering service as well as new developer resources to accelerate the democratization of music mastering technology and empower artists to create and share breathtaking music by harnessing the power of audio innovation. 

What is the Music Mastering service? Music Mastering provides a professional-grade music mastering service to help music platforms equip their users with the resources they need to deliver stunning, release-ready music – all at lightning speed (seconds per track) and a very accessible cost. 

The service is easy for platforms to incorporate and offers powerful functionality that creators love, including deep track insights to guide creators, industry-leading audio treatment and limiting technology, over a dozen mastering profiles for creators to preview at no cost and choose from, stereo enhancement capabilities including both tightening and widening, and many additional features meant to help creators maximize the impact of their tracks. 

What does this mean for me? 

If you are a business leader, the Music Mastering service represents an opportunity to differentiate your solution with a premium feature that is a game changer for your user base, will drive adoption and increase stickiness, and ultimately increase the value you are delivering to your users – and gain an opportunity to increase revenue per user along the way. Win win. 

If you are an application owner or product management leader, you are now enabled to quickly and easily add a professional-grade music mastering service to your application, with extensive resources and support so your team can avoid unnecessary development cycles and focus on what matters. 

If you’re a developer, we help you start building towards a proof-of-concept in minutes with the new resources we are delivering, including a UIKit, kickstart application with sample code, and extensive documentation as well as useful how-to guides. 

If you’re a creator, musical artist, or producer using a platform that has embedded the Music Mastering service, you will have an opportunity to make your work shine in seconds with music mastering that is flexible, powerful, affordable, and will make your tracks distribution-ready. 

New Music Mastering Feature Highlights 

Let’s dive into a few of the many new Music Mastering features.  

Level up tracks with stereo image enhancement  

Within a track, stereo imaging helps create a sense of space for a listener, making a track more immersive and polished sounding. Stereo imaging issues are common in the music creation space due to the technical expertise, equipment, and suitable acoustic environment required to create ideal, well-balanced mixes. Having poor stereo imaging can make music sound unpleasant and can rob tracks of their dramatic impact and immersive quality. 

Now, creators will have the opportunity to identify a number of potential stereo imaging issues with generated insights that measure stereo image width across three frequency bands. Armed with those insights, users are able to benefit from stereo image enhancement functionality that will intelligently apply tightening or widening processing to dial-in the ideal stereo image to maximize their tracks’ impact – all within seconds. 

Five for one: output multiple file formats simultaneously at no additional cost 

Different music distribution platforms have varied file format delivery specifications. As a result, creators often need their files in multiple formats. Now, creators using solutions powered by are able to create mastered music in WAV, MP3, OGG, AAC, and MP4 formats all at once in a single API call for no additional cost. Valuable? Yes. Fast? For sure. Useful? You bet.

Gain deep track insights with Music Mastering preview metrics 

The Music Mastering service now returns metrics representing a track’s attributes including audio characteristics like loudness, equalization levels across 16 frequency bands (measured in dB), and stereo image characteristics across low, mid, and high frequency bands.  

Additionally, the service provides file insights including the container type, audio codec type, duration, bitrate, bit depth, size, channel details, and channel order. Solution providers are now able to use these metrics to equip their users with deep track insights and support creators in their efforts to create great sounding tracks. 

Distribute confidently with improved loudness and limiting technology 

Loudness management is key to music distribution, as platforms have idiosyncratic loudness specification requirements that creators must meet for their tracks to be accepted. Music Mastering now incorporates the latest industry-leading loudness and limiting technology, leading to even greater accuracy in loudness calculations and corrections and getting the ideal loudness level while minimizing audio distortion. 

Join leaders like SoundCloud and UnitedMasters: start building quickly with the new Music Mastering kickstart app & UI kit  

For developers looking to incorporate services into their applications, we make it easy to get started. Resources including a kickstart application, sample code, and UIKit will help you hit the ground running. You can build your own music mastering solution, complete with critical capabilities including file upload, preview segment selection, preset and loudness target selection, master preview comparison, and final master track delivery. 

If you are a developer and you want to dig in to the new resources, start by checking out the kickstart app sample code available on GitHub and the UIKit, both of which contain additional documentation. 

Learn more about the Music Mastering API 

If you are interested in learning more about the Music Mastering service, please visit the product webpage where you will find additional details and resources, including the new Music Mastering solution brief

We hope you are as excited about these developments as we are and invite you to join on our journey to bring high-fidelity audio and video to the world. 

Michael Gleason

Product Marketing, Media

Michael Gleason leads Product Marketing for Media and Music initiatives at Passionate about the intersection of technology and the humanities, Michael previously led Product Marketing at Skedulo and OneLogin following strategic go-to-market positions within the Cisco Cloud Security Business Group, cybersecurity provider CloudLock, and other category-defining technology firms. Outside of work, Michael enjoys playing music, riding motorcycles, and getting outdoors for hikes, climbs, and rides of all kinds.

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