How to Enable Auto-Play of Your Millicast Streams On Any Browser


Enabling auto-play allows your viewers to see your millicast stream automatically without having to do any more work

To enable auto-play, you must add the autoplay and muted attributes to your video tag in your HTML markup:

<video autoplay muted></video>

You can also initiate auto-play from javascript by using the play method on the video element, however the video tag must include the muted attribute:

<video muted></video>
let videoEl = document.querySelector(‘video’);…

*References for additional information:



By default, the Millicast hosted viewer is set to honor autoplay, but this can be easily disabled by setting the query string muted property in the Millicast hosted viewer URL to false:[ACCOUNT_ID]/[STREAM_NAME]&muted=[BOOLEAN]

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please feel free to comment with any feedback or suggestions. Happy streaming!

-Team Millicast

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