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Learn more about what’s new in live streaming, remote production, and content transcoding from that was shown off this year at NAB 2022! and Millicast at NAB 2022 was able to present how we are changing the future of web broadcasting with our acquisition of Millicast and the work they are doing with WebRTC. The focus on ultra-low latency streaming enables not only rapid content consumption, but also further enables content production, where we have partnered with many companies in streaming their software with WebRTC. This includes broadcast quality video, 7.1 surround sound, and end to end encryption with workflows like video editing, game development, sports broadcasting, live music, and more. If you want to learn more, one of our directors Ryan Jespersen gave a talk on How WebRTC Enables the Future of Broadcasting Virtual Production and Live Streaming that you can watch below:

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In addition to the presentation, at the booth, we had a plethora of gadgets and integrations we were showing off. Here are a few highlights of hardware and software integrations with Millicast we were showing off: x Millicast NAB Booth


DJI shows how you can take broadcasting with Millicast to the skies with drone footage.

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Theta 360 uses 360 degree cameras that can be encoded and streamed by Millicast just like any other camera.

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Birddog allows you to distribute your content from any NDI enabled device, which can then be streamed out with Millicast.

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OBS-WebRTC allows you to use existing software encoding tech you are using, and streaming it with Millicast.

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Flowcaster uses Millicast to establish a secure connection to interact with your creative software, such as Adobe’s suite, remotely. No home workstation needed!

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You can explore more demos and book a meeting with our team to learn more at this URL, or by looking at our Streaming demos from SXSW here!


On the file based processing side, we showcased our new Media Transcoding API by taking an existing video, and throwing it through Enhance, adding some overlays, and stitching on an intro and closing clip all via one API workflow. Check out the demonstrations for yourself here:

We even were able to transcode the live recordings of Millicast streams we were demoing with our API to HLS for easier distribution! To read more about our Transcode API, click here.

Wrapping Up

We had a blast at NAB this year, and we’re happy we met so many new faces at the event. The response to our Millicast Streaming platform and our Media Transcoding APIs was amazing to see, and we plan to keep growing. To keep in the loop, sign up for our newsletter, and check out our Events page to see where we’ll be headed next!

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