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Real-time Streaming Monitor Apps

View live streams powered by Dolby.io Real-time Streaming on Apple iOS, iPadOS, tvOS or AndroidTV devices. Download the apps or create and customize your own Real-time Streaming Monitor apps.


Download the apps

Dolby.io Streaming Monitor App icon

iOS/iPadOS App

Download the iOS and iPadOS app

Dolby.io Streaming Monitor App icon

tvOS App

Download the tvOS app

Dolby.io Streaming Monitor App icon

Android TV App

Download the Android TV app

Use CasesFeaturesTech Stack
  • Real-time Streaming native player
  • Remote talent monitors
  • Virtual video village
  • Real-time Streaming
  • Muting incoming audio and/or video
  • Simulcast/Adaptive bitrate
  • Stream statistics
  • Stream history
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

Getting started


Remote Monitor iOS/iPadOS/tvOS App

Sample app repository on GitHub


Remote Monitor Android App

Sample app repository on GitHub


  • Broadcasting
  • Remote monitoring and post production
  • Sports and events
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Explore learning paths and helpful resources as you begin development with Dolby.io.

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