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Jayson DeLancey was proud to be a sponsor of the annual Demuxed 2020 conference. This year saw nearly a thousand video nerds join the event for 3 days to learn from 27 speakers with expertise on a variety of video technologies involved in the packaging and distribution of media.

Let’s take a few moments to recap a few of our event highlights.

The Video-Dev Community

Demuxed is the community for engineers working with video. If you want to learn from experts or contribute your own knowledge, the Slack group offers active and thriving discussions on a variety of video related subjects.

Some of our favorite channels in the Slack Community include #audio#dolby, and #webrtc. You can learn more about community events & meetups from the website.

The Developers and Doers

The talks really brought forward the people who develop and build the applications that consumers of media love. There were hands-on practitioners from a variety of companies that deserve a lot of respect for what they are doing including Netflix, Disney, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Mux, etc.

You can find the full list of speakers, companies and topics on the event website.

Questions Answered

The talks were pre-recorded but each speaker made themselves available to answer any questions about the talks. During the breaks, we also invited a few of our own audio experts into the Slack group to answer the questions folks had about audio.

  • Paul Boustead, Chief Architect of Dolby Communications group, has spoken on topics such as Improving Intelligibility with Spatial Audio. He joined to answer questions about real-time audio communications and WebRTC.
  • Nick Engel, Sr. Director of Media API R&D, recently spoke at an AES community event on the history of noise suppression. He made him self available to discuss noise reduction technology with a modern take on content creation.
  • Sripal Mehta, Head of Media APIs for, recently spoke at the AES Show Product Development Symposium on Delivering Scalable AI-based Processing. He wrapped up the final day with some Q&A to focus video-tech on producing high quality audio.

Thanks for Joining Us

For those that joined us at the event and reached out to learn more, ask us a question, or otherwise were curious about what we’ve been up to we were happy to show a token of our appreciation.

Those who engaged with us can expect one of our fall t-shirts in the mail.

fall t-shirt design

What’s Next?

Stay tuned to our social handles if you want to catch us at a future event and to learn something new about audio.

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