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We are excited to announce new products and features that have launched in the past few months.

We are excited to announce new products and features that have released in the past few months. Keep reading for more information, and don’t forget to register for our first ever seasonal release webinar.

Spring ’23 Release Webinar

Join to learn about everything released during Spring ’23. This includes new SDKs, game engine plug-ins, enhanced product features, and end-to-end solutions for emerging use cases that will help you drive revenue. We’re also previewing our Summer ’23 roadmap, so don’t miss out!

Streaming APIs

Live Multi-viewer and Remote Monitor Apps Real-time Streaming gives you the ability to view multiple live streams in one single, customizable multiview using your browser on any device, allowing you to easily switch between live streams or monitor multiple streams at once. Check out the demo >

With our new Remote Monitor apps, you can now also remotely monitor any stream, including use of multiview, directly through your iOS or tvOS devices, simplifying and seamlessly integrating into your REMI production workflows. tvOS App > & iOS App >

Unity and Unreal Virtual World Plugins

If you need to stream external audio or video into or out of your virtual world, our Real-time Streaming Unreal Engine and Unity plugins support more than 100,000 viewers with less than half a second of latency. Not only can you take a broadcast or webcam feed and render it on a 2D texture with the player plugin, but you can also stream a virtual camera out of your virtual world to audiences on any device with our publisher plugin. Unity Engine Plugins > & Unreal Engine Plugins >

SRT Ingest & SRT Alliance Real-time Streaming is committed to staying on the cutting edge of streaming protocols and technologies. Recognizing the importance of SRT on the streaming landscape, has joined the SRT Alliance as an SRT Ambassador Member and has released SRT as a supported ingest protocol. You can now take in an SRT feed and re-broadcast it as native WebRTC to be played back on any browser or device without specialized hardware or software. Learn more > & Check out the docs >

Communications APIs

Web SDK 3.9

With this new Web SDK, you can now send high-quality audio and video to more than 100,000 concurrent viewers with our Communications APIs and global WebRTC CDN. This means you can create immersive and engaging experiences for large-scale events, including townhalls, keynote presentations, webinars, and virtual world scenarios, using the platform. Learn more >

Live Events Sample App

Quickly develop and customize your own Virtual Event application with the Events Sample App. This open-source sample app has everything you need to build or integrate your own event application with Dolby-quality audio and video, and ultra-low latency. Learn more >

Platform Updates Real-time Streaming (Millicast) successfully integrates Oracle Cloud as a new cloud provider

Since Dolby acquired Millicast in February 2022, Dolby has significantly invested in the Millicast architecture to add new features to Real-time Streaming, including adding data centers in Bangalore, Amsterdam, and Singapore. A critical component to increase the reliability, performance and scale of the service is to add support for multiple cloud providers.

We are excited to announce that we have added Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as a new cloud provider. The new data center is located in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. Streams are already being routed directly through Phoenix as the next step on our journey to provide more features and scalability to all of our customers. Learn more >

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