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Audio is exciting (again).

In the last year, I’ve bought a pair of headphones, another smart speaker, and listened to some of the most entertaining audio-first content that I’ve heard in years.  I’m not the only one – in 2019, consumers bought 44% more headphones than the year before and over 50% of Americans listened to a podcast.  Audio has become a primary growth driver for businesses across everything from advertising to automotive, from finance to fitness.  And there’s a surge in new audio-first businesses as consumers listen to more than ever in their home and on the go.

We’re now experiencing a renaissance in sound, and with that consumers expect and demand quality from all of their listening experiences.

Traditionally, making audio sound great is hard. If you’re looking to make your content sound better, you would typically need to hire an audio engineer, buy all the right software, and spend 2-5x the duration of each asset to make that content sound great. But what if you have a ton of content, don’t have the expertise or the time, and want a professional-quality result for every piece of media on your platform?  Now you can do that and more.

To deliver great audio, you need the tools and workflow automation to address your growing content libraries and meet customer expectation. We saw an opportunity to help you enhance audio across your library of content and analyze your audio for new insights that help you understand your content and user behavior.

We’ve built intelligent and simple APIs to make your audio sound better, at scale.  Whether your content is noisy, isn’t the right volume, or just doesn’t “feel right”, we’re here to help.  Our APIs analyze your audio, figure out how to optimally enhance it, and apply just the right amount of processing to give you a professional, natural sound. 

Here are some of the features:

Adaptive Noise Reduction

If your content has the rumble of an air conditioner or the roar of a crowd, our noise reduction algorithms can bring out the clarity of your voice.  Our API analyzes the content and decides which of several noise reduction algorithms and machine learning models to apply and how much to reduce to give you the best sound.  If your content always has the same type of background noise, you can customize how much reduction you apply for a consistent result.

Loudness Leveling

Whether you’re delivering content for the web, for a mobile app, or a smart speaker, you want to ensure that your content is the right volume to give your users a great experience. Our loudness correction algorithms allow you to specify the type of content and where you’re delivering it to optimize content loudness. You can take advantage of Dolby’s Dialog Intelligence algorithm to ensure that the key parts of your content are leveled to the right loudness.

Dynamics Processing

If you have a dramatic voice actor or multiple people talking in an interview at different volumes, you want to make sure that there’s a consistent balance across the entirety of your content. Our dynamics processing figures out the right target and makes sure that every voice shines through.


Audio engineers use a few tricks to make dialog sound clearer and more professional, and now you can too. Our dynamic equalization algorithms get rid of low-end rumble, give a boost to dialog frequencies, and reduce harsh high frequency sounds to give you a smooth, natural sound.

Dialog Enhancement

Dialog requires special care and special algorithms to fixs ome of the problems that happen in recorded content. Our algorithms can remove the harshness out of your s’s, f’s and z’s, reduce the plosive sounds from your p’s, and smooth out unwanted mouth sounds.

Get Insight Into Your Audio

Whether you are processing your audio or just want to know more about it, we’ve built a powerful audio analysis API to tell you about the quality of your content to help you speed up review and QC. We’ll tell you about the loudness of your content, whether there’s any distortion or clipping, tell you how much silence there is, and much more. And coming soon, we have even more valuable data that we’re looking to extract from that audio and share back with you.

See It in Action, then Get Started

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to get started. Once you sign up for an account, you get 2000 minutes of audio processing or analysis free – no credit card required.  If you’re looking for additional support, have a lot of content, or have an idea for our next API – we’d love to connect.

If you want to learn more visit the Media Processing product page to get started. We can’t wait to hear about what you build.

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