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Learn how real-time streaming solutions from optimizes live sports betting streams and fan engagement.

Powering sports betting live streams with sub-second latency streaming technology has completely transformed the way players engage with their favorite sports and competitions, giving them the freedom to immerse themselves in the action no matter where they are, as long as long as they have an internet connection. 

Whether you are curating fan engagement across football, esports, or horse racing, your fans will never have to miss that stunning goal, clutch play, or record-breaking performance ever again. Not only can your viewers witness these moments of greatness in real-time, but they can also engage in conversations and share your reactions with fellow enthusiasts all over the world, creating an unparalleled feeling of connectedness. 

Real-time streaming has truly elevated the joy of sports viewing to new heights. However, takes it a step further, allowing you to broadcast live events with sub-second latency, enabling viewers to engage in the action in real-time, through in-game betting and viewing.

As an online operator, with’s Sports Betting Live Streaming capabilities, you can maximize your player experience. Take a look at how can help you build a high-quality, fair, trusted, and compliant through low latency, enhanced security, and flexibility. We’ve even highlighted a few key resources to help make the most out of our tools and features.

Simplified Sports Betting Streaming Workflow

The process of broadcasting and streaming can be divided into three primary elements as indicated by the workflow diagram provided:

  1. Capture and broadcast the live event to the streaming service utilizing current hardware and software.
  2. Provide seamless content delivery with a latency of less than 500ms to any location worldwide, without compromising scalability.
  3. Enable playback on various end-user devices, including any browsers, native devices, or set-top boxes, to ensure accessibility for all.
Capture and broadcast, distribute using cloud services and WebRTC, Playback on any device for sports betting live streams

Moving Beyond Low Latency to Sub-second Latency Streaming

Low latency plays a vital role in the success of live sports betting streams. It guarantees the timely delivery of information to players, resulting in a seamless and immersive experience. With you can deliver content glass to glass with sub 500ms anywhere in the globe, at scale. This moves beyond low latency into sub-second, real-time engagement.

In live sports betting, sub-second latency provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Real-time decision making: In a fast-paced sporting event, goals, points, and even wins can unfold in a sub-second. Low latency minimizes the delay or lag between the actual event and the corresponding live stream, providing a synchronized viewing experience that transports players directly to the heart of the action. This way, they can react swiftly and make equitable bets based on the most up-to-date information.  Leveraging low latency allows operators to extend the betting window, creating a comfortable environment for players to make confident decisions without feeling rushed. This increases the number of bets and improves the overall handle. Additionally, sub-second latency enables microbetting, empowering players to wager on each play, not just the game result. This significantly expands betting opportunities and further enhances the handle.
  • Compatibility: Sub-second latency ensures compatibility for sports betting operators by enabling smooth performance across any browser on any device. Whether through native support or comprehensive SDK support with dedicated apps, operators can provide users with a seamless and responsive betting experience.
  • Fairness and integrity: Low latency is also essential in maintaining the fairness and integrity of live sports betting. With no lag, it reduces the potential for the manipulation or exploitation of time-sensitive information.’s Real-time Streaming is a sub-second latency streaming solution that can deliver 4k video and audio streams to massive audiences across the globe. While competitors often lag with delays of 10 seconds or more, can deliver streams to players  in less than 500 milliseconds. 

As a truly global content delivery network (CDN), has data centers dedicated to streaming in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, helping you support hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers no matter where they are or what device they’re using. 

Don’t let the complexities of WebRTC technology, whether it’s managing media servers or addressing scalability concerns, overshadow your expertise. simplifies real-time streaming with our fully managed, end-to-end solution. From WebRTC encryption and geo-IP restrictions to a hosted player that’s easy to configure, with us taking care of the technicalities, you can concentrate on what you do best.

How to Create a Sub-second Latency Sports Betting Live Stream with

Need a quick and easy guide on how to get started with sub-second latency streaming using This video can get you up to speed in just five minutes.

WebRTC Hardware Encoding and Streaming with the Osprey Talon

A hardware encoder helps convert your video and audio into a digital format so they can be streamed online. The Osprey Talon 4k-SC encoder integrates perfectly with to help you connect and deliver a sub-second latency 1080p WebRTC stream. Curious about how it works? Walk through the process from start to finish with our Developer Advocate in this blog post.

What is WHIP? Intro to WebRTC Streaming Part 1 & 2 

WHIP is a protocol that allows us to ingest content, or input audio, video, or other media data, into the WebRTC system. Unlike older protocols, WHIP removes the translation layers needed to use WebRTC, giving operators all the sub-second latency and security of WebRTC without reduced quality and limited scalability.

If you want to learn more about WHIP, check out our blog post that takes a deep dive into its benefits and how it integrates with Interested in its counterpart WHEP? Have a look at part two of this blog post series.

Enhanced Security

The security of your live sports betting streams should always be your top priority. Not only do secure live sports betting streams meet regulatory compliance, but it also preserves:

  • Betting integrity: The security of your live stream is crucial to maintain the integrity of your betting system. If your stream is compromised, it could be manipulated to show incorrect information, leading to unfair outcomes.
  • Player privacy: As a sports betting live streaming operator, it is your responsibility to protect the personal and financial information of your players. A secure stream helps prevent data breaches and identity theft.
  • Player trust: Secure streaming plays a huge part in establishing trust with players as well. It increases player retention and loyalty while helping you garner a positive reputation and stand out from the crowd. When your players trust you, they become your biggest advocates. They may even assist you in word-of-mouth marketing.

Live sports betting with comes with enhanced security. is backed by WebRTC, which uses AES and SRTP encryption and is secure by default. There is no way to send data without encrypting it first. also makes use of geo-blocking, which means you won’t have to worry about enforcing content licensing and rights and complying with regulatory requirements. If a player is not within your local jurisdiction, they won’t be able to access your streams. As a further security measure, also offers subscriber tokens. This prohibits link sharing and ensures only your customers can view and participate in your streams.

Enabling Secure Token Authentication with Millicast Streaming 

While has the capability to help you reach a massive audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean you always want to, especially if you’re hosting live sports betting streams. Learn about secure token authentication and how to set up a stream where you can control who can publish and access your content in this blog post

Geo-Blocking: What Is It and How To Implement It Into Your Stream

This blog post delves into the ins and outs of geo-blocking, the practice of restricting access to streams based on a viewer’s geographical location. Get a better understanding of all your geo-blocking options, from blocking entire countries to blocking specific IP addresses, and learn how to test if your geo-blocking is working. 


As an operator focused on live sports betting, you want all the flexibility you can get. With’s comprehensive set of tools and features, you have everything you need to create a stream that perfectly aligns with both your requirements and the preferences of your players. gives you the ability to provide support for slow internet connections, allowing you to optimize your stream across a wide range of network conditions. With Simulcast, viewers will automatically receive the highest quality resolution that their bandwidth can handle, meaning players can join in on the fun no matter where they are. 

In those exhilarating moments of a game or race, when a last-minute goal is scored or the fastest horse dashes across the finish line, everyone hopes for a clear view of the action captured from multiple angles. gives you the ability to give your players what they want. When you enable multiview for a live stream, there’s no doubt as to who scored or who won. 

Of course, flexibility in pricing is also crucial. With, you only pay for what you need. To get a full, transparent view of our pricing, check out our pricing calculator

Store Thumbnails from Your Live Stream Using AWS Lambda and S3

Learn how to create a preview page of your stream by using AWS Lambda and S3’s serverless tools in combination with to process and store thumbnails. 

Broadcasting SRT Streams with

Unreliable internet connection? No problem. SRT streams, or secure reliable transport streams, can deliver high-quality audio and video even if your customers encounter challenging network conditions. There are many ways to start broadcasting SRT streams with, whether you use OBS, vMix, your iphone, or more. Click here to learn more.

What is Simulcast and Why Does it Matter for Streaming?

If you’ve ever watched Netflix or another streaming service with varying levels of connectivity, you may have noticed that the quality of the stream starts to adjust to suit your level of connection. Simulcast is similar, but better and faster at shifting quality levels, allowing you to stream your content to players at varying bitrates depending on their networking condition and the device they’re using. With Simulcast, instead of having a stream that loads too slowly, everyone is able to get in on the action, even if they’re watching at a lower video quality. If you’re interested in how to publish a Simulcast stream, follow along in this blog post.

Building a WebRTC Live Stream Multiviewer App

Multiview, or watching multiple angles of the same moment in real time, is a player’s dream in sports betting live streaming, making their experience all the more thrilling and memorable. With’s JavaScript SDK, implementing Multiview is easier than ever. Check out this blog post to see how we build a live stream platform equipped to display multiple WebRTC live streams in just a few simple steps.

Scaling Your Online Live Events Solution to Host Very Large Audiences gives you the flexibility to stream to any audience size, whether that’s a smaller audience of 250 people or a massive audience of more than 100,000. Discover the intricacies of streaming to different audience sizes in this blog post.

Sports Betting Live Streams Wrap Up

As the sports industry embraces live betting, sub-second latency streaming, quality, and security become more important than ever.’s live sports betting tools and features give you all the flexibility you need to build a high-quality viewing experience for your audience, whether you’re streaming a live Formula 1 race, digital slot machines, or more. Get started with today.

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