Real-time Streaming Unity Plugin: Explore Multi-Source Publishing, AR and Simulcast


Elevate your Unity game-engine projects with streaming and video capabilities including multi-source publishing, support for render textures, AR compatibility, and simulcast publishing.

I am thrilled to announce the release of a new version and highly anticipated updates to our Real-time Streaming (RTS) Unity Plugin and SDK.

In my previous article, I covered new 5.1 audio support, features and improvements to developing within Unity that make the developer experience delightful and efficient; in this article I’ll cover some of the new and advanced video publishing and stream player features of the latest Real-time Streaming Unity Plugin and SDK.

This milestone update brings a host of exciting new capabilities that will revolutionize streaming and video experiences within the Unity game-engine. You can get started with streaming video and audio content into and out of your Unity game-engine projects within just a few minutes of installing the package into project.

I’m very proud of our team’s execution of this creator/developer-first product experience within Unity. We really strived to match the experience of developing within the Unity game-engine with the high quality audio and video you’ve come to know with other Dolby products. You’ll be able to develop immersive streaming experiences with drag and drop prefabs, code components and complete implementations examples.

Let’s dive into the remarkable new capabilities:

Multi-Source Publishing

With the new version of our plugin, developers can now stream multiple virtual cameras using our multisource publishing feature directly within the game-engine.

This feature enables the utilization of our multi-viewer in the browser, providing players with the ability to explore various camera angles and perspectives. This enhanced viewing experience adds a new level of immersion, making gameplay and virtual experiences more dynamic and engaging.

Support for Render Textures as Publishing Sources

With this release we also introduce support for using render textures as publishing sources. This groundbreaking capability grants developers the freedom to utilize in-game media content assets as sources to be published. Whether it’s content from a virtual screen or a captivating between-level video, the integration of render textures seamlessly enhances the visual experience. Moreover, our audio source support allows for the publication of in-game audio content, resulting in a fully immersive and captivating audio-visual experience that can be streamed directly from the game. This means converting existing games with rich media assets that would normally play on in-game media players may also be developed to publish media to the stream.

AR Support! Expanded Subscriber Component Capabilities

In response to the evolving demands of augmented reality (AR) our subscriber component has been significantly enhanced. The subscriber script now supports raw images, materials, and render textures.

This expanded support, combined with the publishing capabilities for using render textures, opens up a world of possibilities for AR use cases. Developers can create groundbreaking real-time streaming AR experiences within their games, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. These capabilities are compatible with various AR and pass-through devices, including support for the Apple Vision Pro, ensuring broad accessibility and future-proofing your projects.

Simulcast Publishing Support

We are excited to introduce simulcast publishing support in this release, currently available for Windows and VP8 formats. Simulcast allows developers to simultaneously broadcast their streams with varied bitrates and deliver them across multiple platforms, expanding their reach and amplifying the impact of their content. Reach a broader audience and deliver your gameplay to viewers on different platforms, maximizing exposure and engagement.

Try it Out

The Real-time Streaming Unity Plugin and SDK represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing Unity game developers with advanced streaming and video capabilities. We are excited to see the innovative and immersive experiences developers will create using these powerful tools.

Don’t miss out on the future of streaming and video in Unity. Experience the power of the Real-time Streaming (RTS) Unity Plugin and SDK for yourself. Download our Plugin/SDK today to elevate your games and virtual world experiences and truly captivate your audience like never before!

Dan Zeitman

Developer Advocate

Dan Zeitman is the product lead for Dolby's Real-time Streaming Unity Plugin, and currently serves with the Developer Advocacy team at Dolby Laboratories’, a cloud-based platform for media processing and real-time communications APIs. Having worked in various capacities and companies as a developer for the past three decades; Dan is an expert technologist with a creative and diverse background, who has worked with major brand partners including Disney/LucasFilm, NFL, PGA Tour, Universal Music using Game Engine, Spatial Audio, AR, AI, Visual Recognition, Bots and Cloud technologies.

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