No Headset, No Problem: Building Social Gaming Experiences for Every Device


Learn how and PubNub are powering in-game communication with immersive plugins for Unity and Unreal.

Social gaming has exploded in popularity thanks to leaps in technology and innovation in the communication and gaming space. For GDC and PubNub discussed the social gaming landscape and how both companies are powering innovations in immersive communication. 

To learn more about and PubNub, join Developer Advocates Braden Riggs ( and Oliver Carson (PubNub) as they dive into the world of social gaming in their talk: 
No Headset, No Problem: Building Social Gaming Experiences for Every Device

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If you are interested in trying out the demo app from the talk head over to the project on GitHub or learn more about the Spatial Audio and Streaming Plugins for Unity and Unreal. For building social experiences on the Web check out this guide showing how to build a WebRTC streaming app with PubNub and

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Braden Riggs

Developer Advocate

Born and Raised in Australia and now Living in San Francisco, Braden joined the Developer Relations team in 2021 after graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in data science. Braden loves to create apps and content for the Blog, YouTube channel, and the samples GitHub. When not working you can find Braden surfing, hiking, or exploring San Francisco.

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