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The Digital Rebirth of Live Horse Racing: How Technology is Fueling iGaming’s Rapid Rise


The digital transformation of horse racing happening, along with the iGaming revolution, is reshaping engagement, excitement, and integrity in betting for brands and industry stakeholders.

The world of horse racing, a sport steeped in tradition and heritage, might seem an unlikely arena for cutting-edge digital technology. However, exciting advancements in live streaming and mobile betting are reinvigorating an industry that has often been seen as stagnant in recent years. This resurgence isn’t just about reaching new audiences; it’s a testament to how technology, including real-time streaming, is redefining the very essence of horse racing.

The digital footprint within the horse racing market is undeniable. With the industry’s value at a staggering $402.89 billion in 2023, and projections predicting a leap to $711.9 billion, it’s evident that technology is a driving force.

WebRTC and 5G

The marriage between horse racing and live streaming technology is a match made in heaven. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and 5G are at the forefront, not only meeting the demands for instantaneous feeds but also enhancing the viewer experience through high-definition imagery and sound. Real-time streaming up to 4K video isn’t just a technological leap, it’s a business strategy as well, as it broadens the audience and keeps the viewers engaged like never before.

With sub-500ms latency, online bookmakers can now offer a host of pre- and in-play bets to users, encouraging a higher volume of bets in a shorter time. For the Gen Z bettors, the quick-fire nature of these bets is both entertaining and exciting which aligns perfectly with their digital expectations for engaging, immersive experiences.

The microbetting phenomenon in live horse racing extends far beyond the traditional win-place-show trinity. Now, viewers can make a multitude of small, race-in-progress wagers ranging from the horse’s latest split time to their position on the track.

A fair betting experience for global viewers.

Due to the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the sport, real-time streaming is critical for live horse race betting. Because odds can change within a fraction of a second, viewers placing wagers need real-time information to make informed decisions up until the very last possible moment before horses go to post. Gone are the days of early closures where bets were final long before horses even hit the track. Now, the bookmakers’ operations are extended, with wagers accepted mere moments before the starting gate bursts open, the last-minute calculations reflecting the dynamic nature of odds.

This precision isn’t just about offering convenience; it’s about giving bettors the assurance that their decisions are based on the race’s live dynamics, not historical or delayed data. These advancements have more than just an economic impact—they foster a deeper connection between viewers and the sport. The thrill of live betting, the shared experiences of wins, and the setbacks of losses all contribute to an immersive online environment that keeps fans engaged from start to finish.

The implementation of real-time streaming in horse racing also combats opportunistic courtsiders seeking to gain an unfair edge in the betting market. Courtsiding, the practice of relaying information from the event to enhance betting odds, becomes an obsolete tactic in the face of instantaneous viewer feeds. This not only levels the playing field but underscores the integrity that real-time streaming brings to the industry.

A winning strategy for operators.

For iGaming operators, harnessing technological advancements in real-time streaming and betting is more than just staying afloat—it’s a means of leading the pack. These tools not only provide a competitive edge in the market but also build a stronger connection with the audience. Operators can deliver high definition 4K visuals that capture multiple angles of the horse paddock, post-parade, post-position, and the race.

The in-the-moment engagement that real-time streaming and microbetting offer can transform casual viewers into fervent fans and, potentially, loyal patrons.

Live horse race operators can create additional revenue streams using real-time streaming in several ways:

  • In-game betting and microbetting: Real-time streaming can revolutionize the betting experience by offering opportunities for in-game betting and microbetting1. This allows viewers to place bets on specific events or outcomes during a race, such as the time of the next goal or the player who scores it.
  • Subscription services: Operators could offer subscription services for their real-time streams. This could be in the form of tiered subscriptions, where higher tiers offer additional features like exclusive races, ad-free viewing, or enhanced video quality
  • Advertising and sponsorships: Real-time streaming opens up new advertising opportunities. Advertisers can place ads during the live stream, or operators can seek sponsorships from companies interested in reaching their audience.
  • Virtual horse racing games: Integrating real-time streaming with virtual horse racing games can provide an immersive experience for players. Players can even own virtual horses, race them, and earn a stream of income.
  • Simulcasting & data sharing: Operators can share content with other operators who have the ability to track streams, viewers, and data across multiple outlets. This data can be valuable for betting companies, news outlets, and other organizations interested in horse racing.
  • Merchandising: Live streams can also be used to promote merchandise related to the race or the horses involved.

Social Interaction Fuels Community

Social interaction plays a pivotal role in microbetting during live horse racing for several reasons. First of all, it enhances the overall betting experience by adding a communal dimension to what could otherwise be a solitary activity. As bettors interact in real-time, they can exchange predictions, share tips, discuss race developments, and celebrate victories together, transforming betting into a shared experience.

Secondly, social interaction in microbetting can foster understanding among different groups of people, potentially creating lasting relationships. It allows bettors to learn from each other, share insights, and collectively navigate the dynamic and exciting world of horse racing.

This social dimension adds another layer of excitement and involvement to the experience, turning horse racing into a shared, communal activity. The combination of immersive viewing, dynamic betting, and interactive social features makes live horse racing an attractive new form of entertainment for the digital age.

Evolving Safety Standards: A New Era for Horse Racing

The landscape of horse racing is undergoing significant changes, with a heightened focus on the safety and well-being of racehorses. Licensed participants are required to adhere to strict regulations that are part of a broader transformation in the industry. Specific measures have also been introduced to make racing safer, such as ensuring horses are not dehydrated before races to prevent heat stress. The recent rules and guidelines reflect a commitment to making horse racing a safer sport for all involved, especially the racehorses at the heart of it.

A positive public perception is a powerful tool for attracting new fans and participants to the sport. Demonstrating a commitment to horse safety and welfare can help to draw in a more ethically conscious audience, ensuring the longevity and growth of horse racing.


The evolution of horse racing into the sphere of live, immersive experiences represents a thrilling new phase in the broader story of sports entertainment. For brands and stakeholders within the industry, adapting and leveraging these digital innovations can redefine relevance and sustainability. The digital rebirth of horse racing is here, and its connectivity with the iGaming revolution is set to redefine the boundaries of engagement, excitement, and integrity in sports betting.

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