Introducing Interactivity SDK 3.0: Hear the Dolby Voice Difference
Wendy Lee

Staying connected and productive in the era of remote working, distance learning, telehealth, and virtual collaboration have never been more critical. Businesses and developers building audio and video communications into their apps want control over quality and engagement that third-party services often cannot provide. That’s where the Interactivity APIs come in.

The Interactivity APIs give developers the tools and capabilities they need to build customized one-on-one or multi-party audio and video communications that map to existing workflows to ensure users are seamlessly engaged throughout the experience. The APIs also bring Dolby’s experience and specialization in delivering immersive, engaging audio and video communications to the world of developers without them having to be experts in the underlying technologies.

What’s different about the 3.0 release?

Now the latest Interactivity SDK 3.0 release adds even more cross-platform capabilities with Dolby Voice – providing the leading spatial audio solution available in the market today. With Dolby Voice, Dolby applies its expertise in advanced audio technologies to improve voice quality and clarity to make virtual meetings more lifelike, productive, and enjoyable than ever before.

Advanced Spatial Audio
Give your users movie quality Dolby sound with the leading spatial audio solution in the market. With spatial audio, overlapping voices are separated to create more natural, lifelike conversations. In fact, studies show a 25% increase in user productivity and less fatigue with spatial audio.

Noise and Nuisance Suppression
Say good-bye to distracting noises. Suppress unwanted noises in crowded environments, remove repetitive noises like keyboard typing, suppress echoes, and more.

Advanced Network Resilience
Keep communications running at all times with advanced network resilience to help maintain good audio quality in challenging network conditions.

Voice Processing
Be heard with machine learning voice activity detector, automatic gain control, and dynamic audio leveling that work together to detect when you’re speaking, remove background noise, keep unwanted sounds out, and maintain consistent levels between clients to keep multi-party calls clean.

Mixing Mode
Scale video conferencing. The Dolby Voice codec is available on mobile and in the browser, allowing participants to hear everything – even at a low bitrate or on one audio stream. The mixing solution processes more than 15B minutes annually with conference providers, including BlueJeans and British Telecom.

Integrated Audio Device Management
The SDK auto-detects the hardware it is running on and adjusts to accommodate known issues.

In a brief interview, we asked Paul Boustead, Chief Architect of Dolby’s Communications Business Group, about the latest capabilities coming out of the SDK 3.0 release, and why the team focused on these specific features. Watch the interview below.

Now hear the Dolby Voice difference for yourself. Check out a demo of the advanced spatial audio and noise suppression capabilities.

Make the move to the new SDK

Ready to transition to the new SDK? Check out the changelog and learn more about how to create a Dolby Voice conference.

If you would like to chat with one of our technical experts, join our upcoming webinar on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 9am PDT for a Deep Dive with – Interactivity SDK 3.0 to learn more about the latest capabilities and how to make the move to the new SDK.

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